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Burl-Oak Systems

Cyber Security

Ensuring data security across the entire enterprise is paramount. Security breaches can lead to data theft, network deterioration, or unexpected outages, and cybersecurity risks persist and adapt continuously, regardless of network modernity.

At Burl-Oak Systems, we embrace comprehensive security solutions that cover every network layer and device, always safeguarding our clients’ digital assets and locations.



















Comprehensive Strategy for Enhanced Information Security

Cybersecurity threats target weaknesses within IT systems, both internal and external networks, and the preparedness and awareness levels of employees in detecting such threats. With the growing complexity of IT infrastructures, digital advancements, and the need for increased employee accessibility, we adopt a holistic approach to cybersecurity encompassing data, applications, systems, networks, and human elements.

Initially, we conduct a thorough examination and assessment of all systems to identify potential vulnerabilities, followed by the implementation of appropriate countermeasures. We also evaluate employee awareness through cybersecurity training and simulated phishing exercises. All externally accessible IT systems undergo rigorous vulnerability testing, including internal networks and their connections, to prevent attackers from exploiting internal systems and spreading attacks across networks.

Subsequent measures are then implemented to fortify the entire IT environment, establishing a solid foundation for security. Additionally, further actions can be determined and deployed based on risk assessment criteria.

The human element

Simulated Phishing Exercises

  • Assessment of employee responses to various scenarios
  • Quantifying the human risk factor. Training for awareness

External Boundary

Assessment of Vulnerabilities & Penetration Testing


  • Examination of all IT systems accessible externally (via the Internet)
  • Identification of risks and vulnerabilities within external systems

Internal Infrastructure

Evaluation of Vulnerabilities & Penetration Testing


  • Thorough examination of IT systems and software
  • Demonstration of weaknesses & configuration flaws within IT systems and software

Advanced Solutions

Enforcing Security Measures Based on IT Assessments


  • Tailored assistance guided by evaluation outcomes.

Phishing Simulation

Relying solely on technological defenses is insufficient to safeguard your business against cyber threats. Today, attackers are increasingly focusing on exploiting human vulnerabilities. Phishing attacks are growing in complexity and frequency.

We provide custom phishing campaigns to assess your employees’ responses to various attack scenarios. By implementing ongoing training and awareness initiatives, your company can elevate its information security to a markedly higher level.

Risks Posed by Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks pose a significant danger to your organization as they can target your entire business. Perpetrators often tailor their schemes meticulously, making it challenging for employees to differentiate between genuine and fraudulent emails. Successful phishing attempts typically lead to the deployment of ransomware, causing substantial harm to the company.

Audience Segmentation

Given the diversity of phishing email types, it’s essential to recognize that different target groups exist. Thus, creating distinct scenarios tailored to each group allows for a more accurate assessment of employee awareness levels.

Why Choose Burl-Oak Systems?

Extensive Experience:

Our security awareness coaches boast years of expertise in delivering IT security training. They offer in-depth technical insights and keep your team informed about the latest threats.

Practical Engagement:

Through face-to-face training sessions, we ensure maximum employee involvement, facilitating effective learning through hands-on experiences and enhancing comprehension of intricate concepts.

Live Hacking Demonstrations:

We provide live demonstrations of potential attacks to empower your employees with practical insights on how to counter criminal threats effectively.

Evaluation Of Vulnerability and Conducting Penetration Testing

The process of attacks commences with gathering intelligence.

Attackers initially survey systems, seeking out easily exploitable vulnerabilities often referred to as “low-hanging fruits.” A vulnerability scan detects and categorizes such vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure, assessing the efficiency of current defensive measures and enabling proactive responses to emerging vulnerabilities. Additionally, a penetration test involves a thorough manual examination of specific systems, revealing significant security weaknesses such as inadequate access controls in web applications. This approach helps in pinpointing potential attack routes and implementing optimal security measures to safeguard your systems or applications.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments offer an examination of potential weaknesses within IT systems, providing a comprehensive overview. Utilizing (partially) automated scans, these assessments aim to uncover as many vulnerabilities as possible. They can be conducted for both externally accessible IT systems and services, as well as internal networks, to identify numerous attack paths. By scrutinizing a wide range of systems, the assessments aim to reveal numerous easily exploitable vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. The findings, including identified weak points of IT systems and recommended remedial actions, are detailed in a report for your reference.

Penetration Test

During a penetration test, we conduct a thorough assessment of your IT systems or applications such as a web-shop or customer portal, encompassing their respective application logic. This process involves simulating the steps a potential attacker might take to uncover any lingering vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and networks. Discovered vulnerabilities are intentionally leveraged or combined, for instance, to gain elevated user privileges or access confidential data. Our objective is to evaluate the design of your IT systems and applications against potential attack scenarios, culminating in a comprehensive report documenting our findings for your review.


The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited and propelled companies’ digitalization initiatives. Methods for accessing resources beyond the confines of the company’s internal network were established hastily within a short span of time. Nonetheless, remote access poses a significant risk for companies, especially concerning security.

For instance, we evaluate the adequacy of access security measures and ensure that access to proprietary company information is appropriately restricted.


A meticulous manual examination of individual web applications or APIs is conducted. The objective is to pinpoint security-related configuration flaws and vulnerabilities within the program logic, or the software utilized, which could potentially lead to detrimental consequences.


Starting from scratch, we emulate the actions of an intruder who has penetrated the internal network, endeavoring to escalate privileges to the maximum extent possible. Ideally, our penetration test culminates in achieving domain admin permissions.