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Burl-Oak Systems, a computer services company, is a provider of comprehensive IT Solutions for Business & Home customers.

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IT solutions for

Home and Business

Burl-Oak partners with you to help you reach your goals. We value long-term relationships with our clients and will work closely with you to ensure that you have the resources you need to be successful. It is part and parcel of the comprehensive IT solutions we offer our customers.

We offer you all kinds of affordable IT solutions

Computer Repairs, part of IT Solutions

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

When doing computer repairs, first, we will take all the steps necessary to preserve your existing data. Second, we will identify, and with your consent, fix the problem. Last, we will return your equipment in good working order, and with as much of your data as possible.

Printer Repairs

At Burl-Oak Systems we try very hard to keep printers out of landfills. That is why we work hard to repair printers and fax machines. If we are unsuccessful at the repair, we make sure that the printer is properly recycled.

Custom Computer Builds

At Burl-Oak, once we understand what you need to work comfortably and efficiently, we will design a custom solution that meets your needs and budget.

Business Continuity is an essential part IT Solutions

Business Continuity

In todays hectic world, not only are you more dependent on your computers, but there are also more threats than ever that can damage or destroy your data and equipment. Ask yourself, are you prepared?


And much more!

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Modern IT Solutions

Next level quality of Service.

In today’s hectic world, you are more dependent on your computers. However, there are also more threats than ever. Threats that can damage or destroy your data and equipment. The saying “Time is Money” has never been truer. Every hour spent while your equipment is not working costs you money.

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We are located at:

2465 Walkers Line, Units 6,7, and 8

Burlington, ON L7M 4K4

We are a Computer Shop that has been offering Computer Sales, Technical Support and Computer Repairs to small and medium businesses, as well as to individuals, in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton areas for 30 years.

We have been around for 30 years because we care for our clients and we deliver good results. We have a solid team of experts in house and we are associated with several companies that provide special services. We listen to our customers and deliver what they need, not what is convenient or trending.


2465 Walkers Line, Units 6,7, and 8

Burlington, ON L7M 4K4



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