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Burl-Oak Systems

Computer Repairs

Reasons to Repair or Upgrade Your Computer Instead of Purchasing New Technology.

Despite the prevalent subscription-based software model today, transitioning to a new computer can be a daunting task. Initially, there’s the need to reinstall all software programs. Then, transferring files scattered across various locations becomes necessary. Additionally, locating and installing drivers for peripherals such as printers is required. Recreating custom configuration settings is another time-consuming step. Moreover, rebuilding browser favorites and passwords adds to the complexity. In conclusion, opting for computer repairs proves to be a more practical choice.


Are you considering replacing your computer due to its decreased speed?


Is there a delay in opening documents?


Do you feel frustrated when faced with a spinning circle?


Is the battery unable to maintain its charge?


Do you encounter errors when launching specific programs?

Desktop and Laptop Repairs

Before considering a new purchase, you can often bypass the inconvenience of transferring files, reinstalling applications, and reconfiguring settings. It’s worth inquiring about repairing or upgrading your current machine first.

At Burl-Oak Systems, we provide comprehensive computer repair services. Whether the issue is hardware or software-related, we’ll diagnose and resolve it, prioritizing your satisfaction. With three decades of experience, we understand the importance of your trust.

We recognize the stress associated with potential data loss. Firstly, we take measures to safeguard your existing data. Secondly, we identify and, upon your approval, rectify the issue. Lastly, we return your equipment in optimal condition, preserving as much of your data as possible.

Parts Replacement
and Upgrades

Initially, if the issue is mechanical, we’ll present you with high-quality replacement options. Additionally, in numerous instances, we’ll provide upgrade options to enhance your computer’s speed. Ultimately, your computer will be restored to its original or improved state. However, in the event of a worst-case scenario, we not only supply top-quality replacement equipment but also facilitate the transfer of your files and settings to simplify the transition.

Expert Help and Advice on Computer Repairs

We provide phone support with the option of utilizing remote access software if needed to address your issues efficiently. If remote support isn’t suitable, we offer onsite services for your convenience, eliminating the need to transport your equipment to our shop. Additionally, we offer expert advice to assist you in selecting the most suitable equipment or software for your requirements. With our extensive experience spanning decades, we’re well equipped to offer valuable guidance, supplemented by access to specialized consultants.

Do you encounter errors when launching specific programs?

Do not lose hope; reach out to us instead. There are several alternatives before considering a full replacement. From software cleanups to affordable RAM or hard drive upgrades, your computer can regain its former efficiency. In extreme cases, we’ll collaborate with you to offer either a new or refurbished replacement unit, ensuring seamless data and application transfer whenever feasible. Uncertain about your computer’s compatibility with Windows 11 or the functionality of your software? We’re here to assist you with those concerns too.

We’ve Got You Covered

To sum up, we provide top-notch solutions for all your desktop or laptop repair and upgrade needs. Whether your computer encounters hardware challenges like a hard drive failure or software issues such as malware, rest assured, you’re in capable hands.